If you are embarking on your own renovation or new build project, the DSP service is built to suit you and what you require. You may be a developer building to sell, or an end user renovating your own home. Either way, we will build a package to work for you. 

The DSP process consists of 10 stages as listed below: 

Stage 1. Spatial Layout & Furniture Plan 

Stage 2. Structural Design Features 

Stage 3. Kitchen Areas 

Stage 4. Bathroom Areas 

Stage 5. Lighting & Electrical 

Stage 6. Internal Product Specification 

Stage 7. Floor Finishes and Wall Tiling 

Stage 8. Procurement 

Stage 9. Site Liaison 

Stage 10. Interior design 

Black Interiors believe that specifying of products in advance with good quality design and planning is life enhancing and money saving. This is delivered in any project we undertake. Each project is seamlessly executed no matter how large or small. 

Email us with your plans and we can arrange to have a friendly chat about your project.


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